Sep 11






Sent in by a owner on the mountain 22 Jun @ 21:38:

My wife and I were up in the mountain (North Fork Rd) about 2 weeks ago, Saturday/Sunday,  upon arriving home on Sunday, my wife found a tick on her head, a week later she was showing all the signs of Rock Mountain Spotted Fever, we went straight to the doctor, who later confirmed it via blood tests, and was immediately put on antibiotics (Doxycycline) before test confirmation, and has since fully recovered. Please let the members be aware that RMSF is something to not take lightly, as no doctors would have believed us, if we had not brought the tick with us.  RMSF is very difficult to diagnose (a dermatologist diagnosed it as bedbugs – seriously!),  and that is the reason most doctors get it wrong.  If not caught early, it can be fatal.
Please forward this to all members, as it could save lives this year  (as RMSF is pretty rare, but this proves that it is alive and well in our HOA boundaries)

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